Text Floating ToolbarΒΆ


The Text Floating Tool bar is a toolbar that collects all the elements that make up the text. You can use this toolbar to edit and decorate your text. Fonts can be edited in the Style menu in the right panel.

UI Name Description
../_images/font_color.png Text Color Change the color of the text.
../_images/block_color.png Text Box Color Change the color of the text box.
../_images/bold.png Bold Change the text to bold.
../_images/oblique.png Oblique Replace text with a slant.
../_images/underline.png Underline Draw an underline of the text.
../_images/line_through.png Line Through Draw a line through the center of the text.
../_images/link.png Link Attach a link to the text.
../_images/unlink.png Unlink Remove the link to the text.
../_images/delete_style.png Delete Font Style Delete all styles applied to the text.
../_images/reversal.png Change Input box Background Change the background color of the input box.