Release Notes

V 1.5.2

Date: 2019-07-23

New Features

  • added <input> name attribute (in detail panel)

  • added header, footer, table-caption property (in style panel)

  • added editor-hidden property (in structure)

  • added shortcut

    • ruler mode (ctrl+ r) / outline mode (ctrl + l)
    • tracing command (ctrl + t)
  • applied license

  • css code preview in developer view

  • project custom code


  • synchronized image popup state
  • synchronized color mode (color picker popup)
  • added splash screen
  • added function on numbericupdown, multiply 10 (with shift key)
  • added shift key interaction (with drag resize), same width and height are increased
  • updated project menu and commands
  • checked files in project directory, tracked files in the project
  • grouped widgets in creation view
  • change mouse behaviours (thumb) when center properties are applied


  • fixed window maximize (blank)
  • fixed zoom at canvas
  • copy resources when creating a custom widget
  • focus issue (selection changed)
  • fixed file management (external changed)
  • fixed ime conflict when change file name

V 1.4

Date: 2019-06-14

New Features

  • canvas’s context menu
  • added animation property to event panel (carousel, transition …)
  • created style panel


  • changed directory name (in file navigation)
  • separated save/saveall command from one save command
  • preserved expanded state treeviewitem (widget navigation)
  • shown recent files up to 30
  • changed alpha slider (wpttoolkit) 0~255 -> 0~100
  • changed avalondock to default tabcontrol
  • changed icon (png -> xaml or xaml -> xaml), checked pixel issue
  • separated IsEnabled between widget and project properties


  • fixed canvas selection’s position
  • fixed cancopy/canadd/canmove
  • handled removed files on load usersettings
  • fixed shift key event treeviewitem (widget navigation)
  • fixed binding error & project setting constraint
  • fixed preset object (widget)
  • fixed webbrowser load issue (widgets are changed while webbrowser is loading)
  • fixed multiselection issue
  • fixed page layout (structure notification)

V 1.3.1

date: 2019-02-28

New Features

  • bind F2 with text mode
  • added scroll event
  • created custom widgets


  • saved opened page/composition list
  • performance (import -> update css/html)
  • updated link (div widget) design
  • updated project setting design (min/max width)


  • saved resource file
  • fixed html / css files
  • fixed alert message (no internet connection)